domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Trial that leads to victory. When God tested the Israelites in the desert , many did not understand why. Reading Deuteronomy chapter eight we begin to understand God was proving man's heart , to show that everything has a price to be paid to receive the victory . His journey through the desert , hunger and thirst all had a goal , nothing happens by chance , was inside a purpose of God . " And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger , and fed thee with manna , which thou knewest not , neither did thy fathers know ; to give thee know that man doth not live by bread alone , but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord doth man live . " Dt . 08 see . 03 The purpose of God in the people of Israel through the desert was going to forget Egypt, false security and stability even being slaves of Pharaoh . Needed to learn to trust the word of the Lord , and provides the security that only God has for his people . In our day many Christians do not understand why their evidence can not forget and neither is freed from its slavery past . Do not have dropped the old ways and worldly fads that only delayed victory. They must learn to trust and believe in God , in his providences . Leave the old man back, some still speak " when I was not a believer I did not go through this or that, do not I lacked neither this nor the other." My beloved brother if you spend so remember that you did not have the promise of eternal life and guarantees that only Christ can give . Remember the example of the people of Israel left Egypt 600,000 men prepared for war without counting women and children . And only two men entered the promised land , do not let this happen to you , believe and trust in God's word , and not die in the wilderness of your problems , but enter the promised land . " He will wipe every tear from their eyes ; and no more death , neither sorrow , nor crying , nor pain ; for the former things are passed away. " Ap cap.21 see . 04. Even if the worst happens problem in your life do not lose confidence in the promise of eternal life that Jesus Christ has given you. May God bless you and give strength and virtue from heaven to win. Pastor MARCELO ARAUJO

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